Prostate BSN-705 | 90 capsules
Prostate BSN-705 | 90 capsules
Prostate BSN-705 | 90 capsules
Prostate BSN-705 | 90 capsules
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Prostate BSN-705 | 90 capsules

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Most men are almost certain to face a prostate disease. It could be the pain of prostatitis, the discomfort of prostate enlargement or BPH, or the life-altering implications of prostate cancer.

Prostate BSN-705 has been scientifically formulated to support healthy prostate functions including urinary flow (reduces urgency and improves sleep pattern) and to support reproductive health
with a potent combination of 3 plant-based extracts from the best of traditional medicine and 3 supplements from western medicine.



Three plant-based extracts

Crataeva nurvala | Camellia sinensis | Saw palmetto 


Three supplements

Beta-sitosterol | Resveratrol |Zinc

(Read below "how it works")


One bottle contains 90 capsules (500mg each). 


Advanced-strength dosage (easy to swallow and digest):

- Take 3 capsules per day (with or without meal) for 1 month minimum. Ideally 3 months at least. On a monthly basis for the best efficiency.

- For prevention: take 1 capsule per day.



Camellia sinensis
Crataeva nurvala
Saw palmetto
Proprietary formulation to strengthen prostate functions:
90 vegetarian capsules
Scientifically engineered doses: one capsule contains 500mg, no excipients added.

6 powerful natural ingredients

How it works?

  • Camellia sinensis

Camellia sinensis contains potent antioxidants and can help prevent prostate cancer from forming and may also slow the growth of aggressive prostate cancer. Camellia sinensis also benefit men with benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and prostatitis

  • Crataeva nurvala

Crateva nurvala improves urinary tract health, relieves urinary symptoms of BPH, and maintains kidney efficiency bypreventing the formation of urinary tract stones 

  • Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens)

Saw palmetto improves urinary symptoms associated with benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). Saw palmetto improves prostate health, and reduces inflammation. Saw palmetto also increases testosterone levels

  • Beta-sitosterol

Beta-sitosterol relieves symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Beta-sitosterol improves the urinary symptoms.  Beta-sitosterol also lowers cholesterol levels.

  • Resveratrol 

Resveratrol inhibits the growth of prostate, which is characteristic of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) condition. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant

  • Zinc

Zinc is essential for maintaining prostate health. Zinc reduces the likelihood of developing benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Zinc reduces urinary symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate



Who can take BSN-705?
BSN-1001 is a science-based nutraceutical for adults.  BSN-705 contains 6 active ingredients, scientifically selected from traditional eastern medicines (3) and western medicines (3).

What is the dosage?
BSN-705 contains 90 capsules of 500mg.
Take 3 capsules a day, for 1 month minimum. Ideally 3 months at least. Repeat if necessary.

Any side effects?
No side effects have been reported so far.
BSN-705 contains natural herbal extracts and safe western supplements.

How to order?
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No cash on delivery (DHL or Fedex does not provide this service).

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Healthcare has no borders. We take a holistic approach to innovation. Life is very complex. We don’t believe in single, simple solutions. We have combined traditional empirical medicines with today’s modern science to bring you the best of both worlds.
BIOSMART Nutraceuticals is founded by Dr. Vincent Morello, PhD in Biochemistry from France, with the goal to combine the best medicines from East and West.

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